Piano repairs

Piano repairs and maintenance are as important as having your piano tuned regularly and can result in a more reliable piano.

I carry out piano repairs as well as tuning

Like other instruments, pianos need attention over time and many pianos in regular use are already quite old.  Moving parts start to wear, screws may loosen, wood can warp and shrink, felt, leather and cloth may start to deteriorate.  Repair and maintenance is as important as having your piano tuned regularly and can result in a more reliable piano.

Piano repairs in situ
Many repairs can be done in situ and it is these that I undertake, rather than large repairs or restoration that need workshop facilities.
I am happy to come and look at your piano and provide a no obligation estimate for any work that needs undertaking.

Hand tuning a piano
Piano castors

Advice given on suitable replacements for your worn castors.

If you have Danemann or Monington & Weston school piano (typical example makes), the chances are that your piano is fitted with the standard ‘Homa’ castors – gold/bronze bracket with a rubber tyred wheel.

Over the years, the liquids used on floor finishes can cause the adhesive, used to secure the rubber tyre to the inner steel core, to separate. That and age, plus the weight of a piano on a small bearing point for many decades cause the tyres to vulcanise (go hard) and split or have chunks come off, or it disappears all together.

Please e-mail me or call for more advice and costs.

Do your castors look like this?

damaged castor

or this?

castor wheel missing

A new set can be fitted in about 30 minutes so it should look like this…

new and old castor wheels

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